Our company focus is on providing the best quality product

A Service Company

Pacific Document Solutions, LLC has acquired Pacific Document Services LLC as of July 2010. Our owners, Denise Cadena and Nat Santana Noiwangmuang, have over thirty years of experience in the litigation support field. Our owners and our staff have continued to produce the highest quality work product and services to assist our clients with their complex litigation and reprographic needs. We will utilize our expertise, experience and our cutting edge software to arrive at the best possible solutions to accomplish your tasks in the most cost effective manner possible. We are located in the heart of Los Angeles, with close proximity to our legal, financial and corporate clients.

Our company focus is on providing the best quality product that meets our customers' deadlines at a fair and competitive price, thereby enhancing the service our customers need to provide for their clients. Our performance is measured by the number of projects that are delivered on time and with quality that is acceptable to our customers. We measure our success one project and one client at time. Majority of our clients have been working closely with us for over twenty years and we take great pride in that accomplishment. We differentiate from our competitors in that our owners are involved in everyday operations and interaction with our clients. "We're part of your team" is not just our motto, it's our belief. Success comes with hard work and dedication to serve our clients to the fullest capacity each and every day.